On Saturday July 16th, 2005, Claire Mix [about] began an extraordinary journey when she crossed the Golden Gate Bridge on her way to the California State Capitol in Sacramento, where she arrived on July 23, 2005! What is even more extraordinary is that Claire suffers from a neurological disorder in the Parkinson family of diseases, and that she crossed the Golden Gate Bridge and made this 120+ mile journey on a Rascal Mobility scooter.

Claire is "blazen" to raise funds for - and awareness of - the Parkinson family of diseases. But this is not only a way to raise funds for The National Parkinson Foundation. She hopes to inspire her students to never give up, and to "GET UP!" (off the couch), "GET OUT!"(side), and "GET IN"(volved). The first road trip may be over but the journey has just begun, and your support can still make a big difference!

This is a fundraiser, so one important way you can help is by making a donation. Whether large or small, your contribution will help support essential Parkinson research efforts, patient services, education, and outreach.

In the United States it is estimated that 60,000 new cases are diagnosed each year, joining the 1.5 million Americans who currently have Parkinson disease. While the condition usually develops after the age of 65, 15% of those diagnosed are under 50, as Claire was.

Visit the National Parkinson Foundation web site for more information on these diseases.

Christian Pflaumer is associated with Life-In-Motion.org, and Mixer wants to thank him, and the organization, for all of their help with the PR for the fundraiser. In a recent email Christian told Mixer, "(Life-in-Motion.org) made it possible that I could help you publicize your scooter ride, which was great fun."

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New in July 2015 for the 10th Anniversary we have set up a Playlist on Claire's YouTube channel featuring videos about Blaze'n For The Raise'n. Some of those videos are embedded below, but click here to take a look at the entire playlist!

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Saturday, July 16, 2005

Day One: Mixer crosses Golden Gate Bridge!

8:43pm Day One wrap up
Well, my family and I are back in Sacramento and Mixer is at the Holiday Inn in San Pablo. I just spoke with Mixer, who wanted everyone to know: "What a fun day! I am so tired! It was so great to have my family and friends there at take off. It gave me the stamina to go the distance."

Highlights from today (all times are approximate):

• 12:38pm: I got a voicemail from Mixer telling us that she is "almost there". We are still 20 minutes away.

• 1:00pm, Ann, Sean and I arrive at the SF side of the bridge (IMG_4910), park in overflow parking, and then WALK the 1.7 miles across the Golden Gate Bridge to Vista Point.

• 1:30pm, Ann, Sean and I meet up with Mixer at Vista Point and hang out until everyone arrives (IMG_4912M / IMG_4957)

• 2:30pm, we (Claire and the Blaze'n squad) head out toward the bridge (<IMG_4959 and IMG_4960)

• 2:40pm, a quick blessing offered by JD and a countdown (10,9,8,7,6...) from Sean ..... (at about IMG_4962)

• 2:40pm, Claire and PG start off across the bridge (IMG_4966). The rest of us then drive back over the bridge to wait to meet them when they arrive.

• 3:10pm, back on terra firma, Claire and PG arrive on the San Francisco side of the bridge (IMG_4978 and others)

• Mixer takes about a 20 minute break and refreshes herself with a bagel and a hot chocolate, and then Team 2 takes off to go to Pier 39.

Proving that Mixer has both domestic and international appeal, these sailors spotted her at Pier 39 and asked to have their photo taken with her.

@9:26am Saturday Morning: It is sunny and cold in South San Francisco this morning, overcast and a bit foggy in SF. Projected high is 65-68 (106 for Sacramento).

• Check current weather conditions in Sacramento
• Check current weather conditions in San Francisco


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